Saturday, March 11, 2006

Triathon Preparations

Jersey's Commonwealth Games triathletes preparations back on track.

Jersey's Commonwealth Games triathletes Paul Clements, Scott Pitcher
and Tim Rogers have settled into the Commonwealth Games Village and
are fine-tuning the last part of their preparations for next
Saturday's race.

The triathletes have taken the opportunity to preview the St Kilda
course, which will involve a 1500 metre pier side swim, 5 x eight km
loops for the bike course, and 2 x 5 km loops on the run. The swim is
relatively sheltered, although each day it becomes slighty rougher as
the day progresses. The bike leg involves some long straight
streteches, although there are a number of technical turns, which
increase its challenge. The run is predominately flat and is along
the St Kilda Esplanade. Overall, the course appears to be extremely
fast, and if weather permits will provide the opportunities for a fast
race. A number of other teams have been seen previewing the course
including Guernsey, Ghana, Solomon Islands and Wales.

Gary Jones, Jersey Triathlon Team Manager, said: 'I am delighted with
the way our final preparations have come together over the last week.
Training has gone extremely well, with Scott and Paul looking
extremely strong and fit. We are still waiting to hear whether Tim
will be able to compete. There is no doubt he has shown total
commitment in his fight to overcome injury, has continued to be
focussed in his training, and will be ready abe to to race come March

Gary Jones


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