Monday, October 24, 2005

Team Member Profile - Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers (41) has been competing in triathlon since 1998, although not competitively until 2000. Rogers has competed in the 2001 world age-group duathlon championships and in 2005 placed top 10 in the world age-group triathlon championships. Rogers also won team gold at the 2001 and 2003 Island Games and in 2002 placed top 20 of GB Competitors in Ironman Frankfurt. Rogers who describes himself as a wet-duathlete has came into the sport from a cycling background and has worked hard to improve his swimming and avoid fatigue and injury on the run.

Rogers is a specialist in change management, qualified with an MBA and various diplomas in law, compliance and management he works as Manager, Operations Change and Sales Support for International Personal Banking, NatWest & RBSI Brands.

At 41 Rogers aspirations for the Commonwealth Games are modest, to achieve sub-2 hours and hopefully a mid-field place. After the Games he hopes to return to Ironman and qualify for Hawaii World Championships, and possibly to podium at the next Island Games in Rhodes 2007.


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