Monday, October 24, 2005

Team Manager Profile - Gary Jones

Gary Jones is aged 44 and is the Team Manager for the Jersey Triathlon Team. Jones has been in the sport of triathlon since 1998, and his major achievement is to have completed IronMan Austria in 2002. Jones came into the sport from a jogging background having previously completed both the Walt Disney World and New York marathons. Jones has worked hard over the years to improve his swimming, though he never made the breakthrough on his cycling performance. Jones has been the President of the Jersey Triathlon Club since 2001. Jones was the team manager for the Jersey Triathlon Team at the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games. In addition, Jones was the manager of Jersey's Triathlon Team at the 2003 Natwest Island Games held in Guernsey. Jones was also the General Team Manager for the 2005 NatWest Island Games held in Shetland, though was unable to attend due to illness. Jones is married to Serafina and has 2 daughters, Pippa aged 20 and Amelia aged 10. During the day, Jones is employed as the Deputy Principal at Highlands College, Jersey. Jones's hopes for the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games is that all of the Jersey Triathlon Team are fit and healthy when they arrive and give of their best on race day.


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