Monday, November 21, 2005

Team Manager attends annual coaching conference

Gary Jones and Andy Kemp have attended the British Triathlon's Annual Coaches Conference held at Loughborough University this weekend.

Jones and Kemp who are both qualified triathlon coaches, attended sessions with the Graeme Maw, Performance Director of British Triathlon. The sessions covered topics which included: physiological markers of training recovery; the psychological profile of elite performers; and how to nurture elite performers.

Jones, Team Manager for the Jersey Triathlon Team at the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games said ' The Jersey Triathlon Club is determined to do all that it can to help Jersey triathletes reach their full potential, and attending the annual coaching conference has been a vital part of that process. We have been able to get some excellent information about acclimatisation, which will be useful not just for Melbourne, but the NatWest Island Games in Rhodes in 2007'

The Jersey Triathlon Club would like to thank the Sport Advisory Council for their financial support to help minimise the costs of attending the conference.

If you would like more information please contact Gary Jones,
President of the Jersey Triathlon Club
tel 728323 (h) or 608576 (w)
email tel 499943 (h) 505339 (w)


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