Saturday, November 26, 2005

Key Messages from British Triathlon Coaching Conference

There are a number of key messages from the British Triathlon Elite Coaching Conference 2005.


Given the nature of the Melbourne course, there is certainly the need to have turbo sessions which emphasise the development of power. So sessions which incorporate 10 seconds max effort followed by 50 seconds recovery - say 4 x 5 sets will be really useful for the bike course


In order to get used to the climate, from 5 weeks out, 4 - 5 training sessions per week are required in a 'hot room' at a temperature of around 30C. You need to measure your weight before the session, and drink 1.5 litres of drink for every 1kg of weight lost. Ideally, you would have sodium/carbohydrate in the drink

Easting for recovery

In order to aid recovery after training sessions you need to consume between 50 - 150g of carbohydrate within 2 hrs of completing the session. Example foods would be 200g of pasta, 80g of raisins, 700ml of a sports drink. 100g of bread. Good examples would be a ham,tuna,cheese or chicken sandwiches

Maintaining your immune system

There is some evidence to suggest that consuming carbohydrate during exercise helps maintain the immune system during periods of heavy training


Advice from Professor Greg Whyte Director of Science and Research at the English Institute of Sport gave some interesting insights on the 'art of tapering'. Tapering should start from 2 weeks out, maintaining both intensity and frequency, with a reduction in duration. The recommendation is for a gradual reduction in volumes day by day, rather than a sharp drop in volume in the first week. In addition, intensity should be no more than race pace, in order to avoid risk of injury.


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